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21-Year-Old Woman Dies from Ecstasy at Austin City Limits

jessica-mary-hunter-dead-at-21Jessica Mary Hunter a 21-Year-Old student died after ingesting ecstasy for the first time at Austin City Limits, say Jessica’s friends who were with her.

Shortly after ingestion of the chemical Jessica started having what was reported to first responders as seizure like activity. Her arms and legs were flailing, her body was rigid, and she was grey in color, as she lay unresponsive on the ground say bystanders.

Friends of Jessica summoned a passing police officer that initiated the response from the EMS system. Previous to arriving at the hospital EMS recognized Jessica’s condition deteriorating and started CPR.

At about 5am the parents of Jessica were awoken to their doorbell ringing. They were able to see police lights outside and knew something was terribly wrong. After being informed that their daughter was in the hospital they immediately started the couple hour drive towards Austin.

When Mr. and Mrs. Hunter arrived at the hospital they found their only daughter surround by a full team of medical providers and 2 chaplains. Staff explained their daughter was put into a medically induced coma in attempt to keep her core temperature lower.

“Jessica’s eyes were open, no one was there,” stated her Mother. She had blood coming from her nose and mouth.

Unfortunately despite the efforts of the medical staff her condition continued to deteriorate.

Her parents told staff to discontinue life support at 5:25am, as they sat by their daughter and prayed.

Now her parents are tirelessly working toward making the best out of a terrible tragedy. They have decided that education regarding the dangers of substances will help future lives be saved.


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