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Groove Medical Services is a nationally recognized group of emergency medical and management professionals specializing in medical coverage, comprehensive education, emergency and public health planning for festivals and special events.


Groove Medical Services is a non-profit organization pending 501(c)3 approval that provides full service medical care, safety planning, and educational services to large events, mass gatherings, and in any setting where local resources are unable to meet the demand of a temporary population surge. Our focus is on the health and safety of participants, artists, staff, and vendors, so everyone involved can stay in the “Groove” – whether working, performing, or attending as a spectator. We are the only non-profit company of our kind, and we provide the highest level of medical care available outside of a hospital setting.

Groove Medical Services (GMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health care and safety of attendees at large events and mass gatherings. We are staffed by medical professionals from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, paramedics, nurses, EMTs, and volunteers, all of whom have experience in remote, austere, prehospital, and festival medicine. Promoters and producers hire GMS and our services are provided free of charge to guests, staff, artists, and anyone in need of assistance. Our practitioners are fully licensed and available around the clock at events of any size.

GMS is the only organization of our kind that is staffed by specialists in both emergency medicine and event management. We are unique in the ability to effectively manage most incidents on site, reducing the strain on local emergency responders and decreasing unnecessary costs to patients.

GMS provides emergency on site medical care for all types of emergencies: traumatic injuries, medical emergencies, exposure from heat or cold, simple wounds and lacerations, provision of basic over the counter medications and supplies, Advanced Life Support, and physician level care for every event.

GMS provides free, outstanding emergency level care to individuals, artists, staff and VIP’s.

GMS provides safety and emergency planning evaluations and integration.

GMS provides on-site safety management and Critical Incident Teams to promoters and event planners.

GMS provides education to event patrons, staff, providers and policymakers.

The presence of a large event or gathering in an otherwise rural or remote community can put an incredible strain on local EMS, Fire and Police services, while putting people at risk of delayed access to medical care in an emergency. Festivals involving particular types of music or activities have seen injuries and even fatalities[1][2] that overwhelmingly involve young, otherwise healthy individuals. We are experts in managing the types of injuries and illnesses encountered at such events. We are capable of managing most patients entirely on site without the need for ambulance transfers or a delay in the provision of care.

The publicity surrounding deaths at festivals and events has left producers and promoters open to negative press at the least, and lawsuits and financial culpability at worst. The growing popularity of and participation in large events and festivals is increasing, necessitating a strategy and response for planning and emergency management from producers – GMS provides the only comprehensive onsite advanced level medical care and leadershipfor such events, and can assist producers in providing a clear, thorough emergency and safety management plan to avoid fatalities, injuries, liability. GMS is capable of building and maintaining a reputation of safety and high quality medical care for participants of any event.

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GMS was founded to develop a superior standard of care in the Event Medical Services industry. Simply put, we are more interested in health, safety, and festival wellness than in making a profit.

The non-profit status allows us to capitalize on our experience and education by applying for private, state and federal grants for research, public health education, and staff education. These grants allow GMS to provide low cost and even free medical care at the highest level to a population that would otherwise consistently be underserved.

Donations are fully tax-deductible for 27 months retroactively from our date of incorporation as a Colorado non-profit organization.

Our organization was built by experienced event participants with a diversity in professional experience unrivaled by any other event medical company. Our providers are experts in emergency services, prehospital medicine, emergency medicine, toxicology, environmental medicine and management of large emergency medical and prehospital systems. We collaborate with production, security, local EMS, and all regional medical resources including hospitals to ensure everyone has a safe festival experience.

We aim, whenever technology, knowledge and professionalism make it possible, to manage incidents on site to avoid unnecessary transfers to off site resources. This limits ambulance utilization, stress on local Emergency Services, and maintains the highest public image of our events.

Donations, grants, sponsorships, partnerships, and fees from producers cover our costs, allowing us to provide outstanding quality medical care at an extremely low cost to a population that would otherwise continue being under served.

GMS will always provide the highest quality medical care available outside of a hospital setting to people in need of care, regardless of cost or ability of the patient to pay.

GMS will educate communities about optimizing the wellness of specialized populations, including our focus on Festival Wellness™ and Preparedness.

GMS will reduce the number of injuries and fatalities among attendees at high-risk events, gatherings and festivals through research, education, innovation and execution.

GMS will utilize a quality assurance and improvement program to guarantee the highest level of service.

GMS will continually work to develop partnerships in health, wellness, music, the arts, and health policy groups in an effort to achieve our mission.

GMS will become the pre-eminent festival medical and emergency service organization in the US and beyond.

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