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Access to MD Level Care Saves Musician from Death

It is not every day that a healthy active person realizes they need to see a doctor. Even more it can be incredibly inconvenient to find the time for a person to seek appropriate care. Now imagine life as a musician, one that is defined by time on tour. Not the easiest thing to be able to receive quality medical attention, examination advice and care.

What would it be like to not receive the care needed in a timely manner? Ashton Irwin, “Just hours from death,” found out how important timely care really is. He was diagnosed and treated for appendicitis including surgery just prior to getting on a plane and almost certain demise.

What if Doctor level care was available at festivals and events? No not surgery, but the attention of a Medical Doctor whenever a musician, patron, or staff member needs stitches, or a quality clinical examination to determine if hospitalization and expensive diagnostic testing is warranted. Even treating patients at an event thereby preventing the need for care of site.

While Ashton Irwin was lucky enough to stop by a hospital, many festival goers and musicians alike are not, or simply don’t know when it is necessary. How about Physicians providing care at festivals? Crazy, maybe not… GMS provides the highest level of medical care to anyone in need for free.


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