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Ecstasy Causes Death Of Georgina Bartter At Music Festival – How Can This Be prevented?

georgina-bartter-dead-at-1919-Year-Old Georgina Bartter was described as a vibrant young lady that was the life of any party by her friends. The weekend she attended Harbour Life was not meant to be the end to her life.

Unfortunately, Georgina is yet another example of a trend in the music festival world of young, healthy vibrant people tragically loosing their lives as they enjoy music, friends and the world they live within.

The question that is yet to be answered with certainty is, “How can the industry increase the safety, health and well-being of the events that seem to be marred by tragedy?”

There are many ideas that have been proposed, some have been implemented and most have not been comprehensively supported nor demonstrated in action to be effective.

Each person, company and pert of society have their own ideas for what might work. Some think the end to prohibition will increase quality of drugs and decrease risk, others believe rigorous screening by law enforcement prior to entrance will deter users and dealers. Another philosophy is grounded in abstinence from risky behavior and choices.

groove-medical-logo-text-152pxGroove Medical Services believes public health education, and appropriate on site resources for those that find themselves or others to be in need of care is a combination that might help reduce injury, illness and death at festivals and special events.

The infrastructure and planning necessary to implement a comprehensive plan of this kind is complex.   There are many facets to development, implementation and management. At a minimum retrospective research, specific epidemiological data collection, trained experienced clinical care, public health education and an open non-judgmental environment, which is focused on Festival Wellness are pieces to the solution.

GMS is a company that is invested in the health and welfare of people that attend events and music festivals. While the identification of “the need” is apparent to many, the process of developing a company to solve the problem has just begun. GMS is a non-profit organization that leaves no stone unturned in an effort to organize and build a community of support and is grounded in the mission of providing services aimed at Festival Wellness.


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