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Emergency Planning


GMS emergency planning and preparedness services are focused on the organizational aspects of providing an individually created, well-developed plan for prevention and mitigation of emergencies at events. GMS planning staff consists of industry leading, nationally experienced professionals with backgrounds in emergency medicine, EMS system development, disaster preparedness/response, and incident management. GMS also has corporate partnerships with security and fire specialists that we work closely with to ensure a comprehensive approach to event safety. GMS is capable of supplying a director of emergency planning, and additional safety services to then implement and manage the plan including coordination with off site resources and governmental agencies.

The focus on a multidisciplinary approach to managing and mitigating a population’s risk is the philosophy of the GMS emergency preparedness department. From initial contact with any customer we start a detailed standardized approach to identifying, mitigating and planning for a safe, well organized event. The more time GMS has to research and learn about the environment, local resources, and population being served at a particular event, the more comprehensive our plan, integration and execution can be. We encourage this process to begin in the infancy of each events’ planning process.

During events, the same multidisciplinary approach is utilized to ensure seamless coordination of all safety and emergency departments, efficiently working together to manage all aspects of the site.

The use of a Critical Incident Team comprised of, and hand picked with the assistance of each event promoter is paramount to a successful operation. This team meets regularly during the event, discussing, preventing and solving any unforeseen aspect of event management. The same team is also responsible 24 hours a day to assemble at a moments notice and fall into a formal Incident Management structure mitigating whatever circumstance or issue has been identified.

Groove Medical Services, Inc. is capable of working with industry partners and respective content experts, assuring all aspects of emergency planning and management will be professionally executed.

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