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Our on-site services are focused on an integrative approach to caring for the populations we serve including:

  • On site real time education
  • Preventative care
  • Basic first aid
  • Paramedic Advanced Life Support
  • PA/NP and MD level care
  • Psychological support for those patrons that need a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere when festival life takes its toll.

The expertise of GMS allows for specialized care, flexibility and a healthier/happier environment at any type of event. GMS promises integrity, accountability, honesty, confidentiality, outstanding medical care, and superior customer service. Please see below for a detailed look at each of these services.

Onsite Education 

Populations of all sizes, in any social setting deserve to be informed and capable of making decisions that are in their best interests. GMS focuses on informing event populations from the time they purchase a ticket until the time they leave an event: smiling and ready to return again in the future.

The professional and informative philosophy of GMS initiates a community of trust, awareness and education that prepares all festival and event communities for a well planned healthy experience.

GMS develops site and event specific awareness and educational announcements, literature, and information stations to assure every attendee and staff member can stay in the “Groove.” Through appropriate planning and communication strategies for each client, GMS creates an atmosphere that embraces a healthy, happy educated population.

People interested in more detailed on site education can also attend wellness workshops hosted by GMS, where a multidisciplinary think tank works together on a real time approach to being healthy. Please look at our Wellness Workshops and Festival Wellness™ web site sections for more information.

Preventative Care

GMS strives to anticipate the needs of our customers, providing them with an unbiased, non judgmental group of professionals that will help them remain safe from sun, bugs, blisters, dehydration and other illness or injury  that might limit their enjoyment of an event or festival. GMS works around the clock to keep people enjoying themselves, and in the “Groove!”

Basic Level Care and First Aid

The basic but often needed skills of wound cleaning, bandaging, splinting, taking accurate vital signs, initial patient assessment and the ability to recognize immediate or developing medical emergencies are the cornerstones of our basic level providers. GMS basic level providers function as an integral part of our team and are certified in CPR, first aid, certified first responders and emergency medical technicians.

Advanced Life Support- Paramedics

GMS believes in setting the trend for event and festival medicine by providing exceptional Paramedic level care at every event, 24 hours a day. Our Paramedics are some of the highest educated, most experienced providers in the country. Paramedics carry state certification; our medics also carry many specialty certifications including advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, National Incident Management, trauma life support, disaster life support and wilderness first responder among many others.

Our paramedics are specialists at clinical examination, identification and treatment of unstable and potentially unstable patients. Advanced level staff also have the ability to assess, treat, observe and release patients via medical direction that would otherwise require off site transport.

GMS provides mobile 12 lead ECG monitoring, early cardiac intervention, intravenous fluid, advanced life support medications, advanced level airway management, triage, and multi-patient and mass casualty coordination.

GMS has a rigorous selection process and a reputation inside the EMS industry that sets our programs and providers apart from the rest of the industry, and our protocols are among the most advanced in the EMS industry.

Our advanced providers treat as well as educate (patrons and staff) as a part of their regular duties. Paramedics are required to have the knowledge and responsibility for integrating with other necessary on-site service departments when necessary to ensure a seamless approach to Festival Wellness™.

Physician and Mid-Level Care

GMS has set a new standard of care by staffing with the most advanced medical professionals onsite at every event we work. We have a full compliment of emergency physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that support GMS operations at every event, 24 hours a day.

GMS will staff a care facility at each event to manage patient needs including sutures, immediate on-site medical direction, treatment, stabilization, observation and release.

GMS focuses our highest level of care on managing onsite the injuries and illnesses that would typically require either an ambulance or hospital visit. GMS’ on site emergency physicians are able to decrease the need for ambulance transports, improve patient outcomes in the most critical situations and to ensure the highest level of care is immediately available for anyone in need.  Our mission, passion and our promise is to increase the health and wellness of the communities we serve.

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